Ong Tao Jie



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Masters(Sc) in Technological Entrepreneurship and Bachelor's(Eng) in Engineering Systems and Design

STEP Scholarship

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My university application journey

Applied to NUS, NTU and SUTD. NUS - Industrial Design, NTU - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, SUTD - STEP Programme.

Awarded STEP SCHOLARSHIP (4.5 yrs Direct Masters Programme)

Life after NYJC

I'm currently in my Year 2 pursuing Data Analytics and Operations Research. Basically, I code. Languages: Python, R , SQL

Here is an example of a day in my life:
0800hrs: Wake Up and Commute
0900hrs - 1230hrs: Lessons/Study
1230hrs - 1300hrs: Lunch
1300hrs - 1700hrs: Lessons/Study
1700hrs - 1730hrs: Dinner
1730hrs - 2200hrs: All-Out Study session
2200hrs - 2300hrs: Commute home and Shower
2300hrs - 2330hrs: Check social media/Netflix/Chill
*** Repeat

University is generally a leap from Junior College (depending on the major you choose, more so in some) and I found myself working much more. To keep up with the cGPA to maintain for my scholarship, I found myself studying 6 out of 7 days of the week besides attending school.

My Future Plans

Pursuing a career in Project Management

Tips for Juniors

In the build up to your A levels, good time management is key. To be honest, my best time in NYJC was during the period leading up to A levels. Night study sessions with friends, playing frisbee in between breaks, chit chatting. Still, I managed to finish 1 H2 Econs essay, 1 H2 Math paper and 1 H2 Physics paper a day. You can ask Mr. Bong and Ms Siow Yun Jie hahaa.

Another very important factor to getting into your dream University is the Interview. Dress well, Articulate well and Show passion for the course.