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Charig Yang



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MEng Engineering Science // PhD Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Chat with me
My university application journey

I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I pretty much like maths and science so went for a general engineering course. I initially thought I would major in Chemical but ended up doing AI instead, so pretty big change! I think that in general A level content can be a bit different to university content even for same subject, so universities are increasingly offering a general (unspecified at least) majors within some scope -- something I think you should consider as well if you are unsure!

Application wise is quite straightforward although if you are not doing NS doing it together with your JC2 can add a bit of workload, so would recommend starting early!

Life after NYJC

Great! A lot of independence but not too much responsibility (still a lot though). It's a really good experience seeing the other side of the world.

My Future Plans

I'm staying on for PhD, not sure what comes after yet.

Tips for Juniors

If you are considering overseas you're very welcome to contact us.

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