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Lai Wan Qi Michelle



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Berklee College of Music

Contemporary Writing and Production, Film Scoring, Video Game Scoring minor

Berklee World Tour Scholarship

Chat with me
My university application journey

I chose this course because it has always been my dream to be a video game composer, and Berklee is currently the only college in the world which offers video game scoring and film scoring degrees at undergraduate level. The challenges in my application process mostly revolved around making myself stand out from other musicians in the running for a place at the college and obtaining the necessary documentation to enter the US. I feel that this array of courses is heavily underrepresented in Singapore, and it is worth representing it due to its burgeoning relevance in today’s society and the rapidly growing market for people with experience in these fields.

Life after NYJC

I am currently in my second semester at Berklee, and I am just starting to learn the basics of the technology required in the majors that I have declared. I spend most of my free time expanding my network of business connections and building my compositional portfolio. I am also currently in multiple student-led activist organizations which advocate female empowerment and racial equality.

My Future Plans

Applying for a video game composition career with Atlus or Nintendo

Tips for Juniors

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