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Career Adaptability

As we move further into Industry 4.0 and a post-covid-19 era, the most important lesson we learn is that the skill that everyone must have is Adaptability. No matter what the job market may look like by the time you graduate from university, as long as you are adaptable and flexible, you will be able to re-invent yourself.

So how does one make oneself career-adaptable in this rapidly changing world? 

It is very simple.

Start by asking yourself, not just what career you wish to have in future, but what skillset you wish to have.

Do not enter university to learn only hard skills, understand that it is imperative to develop soft skills as well.

The degree that you graduate with is simply a title. What is more important, is the skillset that you graduate with.

Because the job you eventually enter, may not even exist yet.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Charles Darwin

Identify what skills and abilities you already have

Think of your academic subjects, CCAs and hobbies

  • What inherent abilities and skills do you already possess that make you stand out from the rest?

  • What skills are you already developing?

  • Are you able to relate experiences and evidence that showcase your abilities and skills?

  • Refer to Career Purpose for more information

What kind of skillset do you want?

What skills do you wish to hone further?

  • What are you best at?

  • What skills can allow you to  become even better at what you are already good at?

  • What type of skills appeal to you?

Dream big

  • You may have certain career ambition which you think is out of reach.

  • What skills are you lacking such as to make you think this way?

How can you pick up new skills?

In terms of academics, CCA and hobbies​

  • What can you do differently to further improve your performance?

Be proactive and participate in extra-curricular activities

  • You could choose to complete your homework, chat with friends and sleep OR you could choose to invest in yourself and participate actively in extra-curricular activities.

  • Even if you aren't sure if you are that interested in that particular seminar or internship, think about the skills that you could pick up e.g. during a seminar, you could hone your communication skills by engaging the speaker in a conversation

  • Who knows, you could discover something about yourself  that you never knew!

Suggestions of activities you can do

So what do I do with my skillset?

Search out careers that match your skillset​

  • ONET allows you to search out possible careers that match your skills, abilities, interests and work values.

  • Do note that this website is U.S-based. So not all the careers may be available in Singapore.

  • And based on your Career Purpose, decide which careers suit you the best.

Create a personal brand based on your unique skillset

  • No one knows that you are this unique person with such a unique skillset unless you tell them

  • Create a unique identity based on the interests and skills that you possess.

  • Become well-known for your unique skillset and one day, opportunities will start knocking on your door instead of the other way.

  • Read Personal Branding for more information

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