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My university application journey

Application is through the normal NUS admissions route. In there, other than the normal documents, they will also require a ~300 words text on why you are interested in pursuing nursing. The challenge was to make your dreams so compact that 300 words would make the school have a good impression on you. Some of us had to be interviewed, some didn’t. I didn’t have to go for any interview and I think the key was to 1. put it as choice number 1, 2. really make the 300 words count (don’t beat around the bush) and 3. show interest in your portfolio (job shadowing, volunteering). Don’t worry if you didn’t score well for A levels, this course looks more at your interest at heart than your grades. Not everyone can do nursing, though many try their luck to apply for it. So make yourself stand out! :)

Life after NYJC

I’ve just graduated about a month ago, having gone through 3 years of NUS Nursing. Some of my friends are going on to Year 4 to do a thesis/research paper, but it’s based entirely on interest. In my 3 years, my eyes opened to the world. I’ve seen patient’s cases from all walks of lives, from all disciplines - we have exposure to even A&E, Operation Theatre, Polyclinics and evening O&G! The practicals are fun yet demanding. The theory portion is heavy but there’s always friends and lecturers to help you out. Questions in exams are soooooo tricky so you have to really grit your teeth and be a studious student! I thoroughly enjoyed my short 3 years in uni because everything I learnt from Day 1, goes into saving someone’s life in the future. It’s something that stays at the back of my head whenever I feel like slacking off, because you really can’t!!! It’s fun and so fulfilling at the end of the day when you see how much difference you made in a person’s life :)

My Future Plans

I just got my work posting earlier this week! I’ll be working in the A&E department of a hospital this coming July. For future plans, I plan to specialise and take an advanced diploma in Emergency Medicine 3-4 years into the job. Taking a masters in Nursing is the coming trend nowadays too! I’m not sure if I’m cut out for that so i’ll take it easy first while finding out more about the masters programme.

Tips for Juniors


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