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Brendan Lai



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My university application journey

I have an intellectually curious and analytical mind and I wanted to pick a course which would engage me with its academic rigour and relevance in society. Law stood out to me because of the dynamic application of legal concepts and the significance it has on society. Naturally, it felt like a great fit and I took the leap of faith! Law school applications are extremely competitive but do not be fazed by the competition. Enjoy the process and be candid with yourself as you explore the options available to you. Remember to keep hopeful!

Life after NYJC

I am in my final year of university. I have done multiple internships, pro bono work and been part of board on numerous student club initiatives such as the SMU Law Student Union and the Constitutional and Criminal Justice Club amongst others . I have made many good friends in and out of the law and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in SMU.

One experience that was particularly memorable was when I went to China to teach handicap students Chinese Law. I did it as part of my student community work efforts. That being my first stint teaching law, I was anxious about how it will be received by the Chinese students but I was encouraged by the fact that many gave positive feedbacks! I sincerely hope that more people will be able to have such opportunities to contribute back selflessly.

I like to keep an open mind to new knowledge and am curious to learn about different things. One of the things I do during my free time would be to learn how to invest my money. Financial planning and management is one of the perils of adult-ing but it remains one of those things that we tend to put off. I highly encourage all to be exposed to it early! Also, I like to keep myself active during my free time by going to the gym or playing golf and badminton.

My Future Plans

I hope to be called to the bar soon!

Tips for Juniors

University is so much more than the syllabus that is offered. It is an excellent place to make mistakes and to teach yourself how to learn. Push yourself out of your comfort zones to explore and it will help you find your passion and grow as a person. Make more mistakes!

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