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Celeste Ng



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My university application journey

I took an interest in Law and Politics as I was fortunate enough to have passionate General Paper and History tutors. They constantly pushed us to take initiative and think differently- challenge statements and opinions. I enjoyed reading and writing, and wanted to contribute to our society with the career I choose. I thus applied to Law and Social Sciences (SMU Law, NUS FASS, and NTU PPGA), and ultimately decided to accept my offer from SMU Law amongst the three. During my application process, I applied to two Canadian universities and received offers from both schools as well. However, after weighing out the pros and cons, I decided to stay in Singapore to pursue Law. Due to Covid-19, the interview processes were altered drastically, which affected my confidence. As my house did not have a WiFi connection, it further complicated my application process. The pandemic has also prohibited us from attending the open houses, which I had to do more research to compensate for. I believe that ultimately, it is about finding the right balance between pursuing your passion and interest, and learning more about what you are good at.

Life after NYJC

I am currently waiting to matriculate, and am working two jobs to lessen my tuition fees beforehand! I am also researching more on mid-term scholarships while narrowing down the list of law firms I would like to apply to intern and complete my legal practice at.

My Future Plans

I plan on working as a corporate lawyer once I complete my Bar examination and Practice Contract for a few years, before applying to the Attorney-General's Chambers. I would also like to venture into the public sector (preferably the MFA as a Diplomat) in the future, while taking on pro-bono cases to give back to the community.

Tips for Juniors

I cannot stress this enough but please get enough sleep before your papers!! When you walk into the examination hall/room, you know what you know and what you don't know will not miraculously sink into your brain so just stay calm and answer the questions to the best of your abilities. For the Arts students, time management is key! Your seven paragraphs will not matter if you are unable to finish your conclusion in time (trust me, I have been there :"-)). And have decent handwriting HAHA. Study hard but study smarter- you do not need to memorise every word in your lecture and tutorial notes to do well!!

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