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Denise Thia



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My university application journey

I chose Law because I preferred courses which involved more reading, writing and speaking, and also because I was interested in learning how society functions as a whole. I felt I was more cut out for Law because I generally have a more outspoken and opinionated persona, and I enjoy discussing social issues with people and finding solutions. An application to study law requires you to sit through both a written test and an interview, and I found the latter to be highly engaging and intellectually rigorous - of which I truly enjoyed.

Life after NYJC

Life in law school can still be vibrant, although very demanding because the workload is huge and quite intense. However, many law students still spend time outside of the books and engage in things they enjoy doing such as sports or their other interests.

My Future Plans

I have just graduated from law school and en route to becoming a Qualified Person under the Singapore Bar, I am now a candidate of Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations. I will also be embarking on my Practice Training in 2023 with an established local law firm, and am looking into specialising in Intellectual Property Disputes.

Tips for Juniors

Do consider carefully what course you would like to do! If you're unsure of what course to go into, I suggest the elimination method. Take out the brochure of all the university courses and strike out those you cannot picture yourself doing. Assess your own personality and general interests and this should help guide you into finding out what you really want to do in life. You of all people would know yourself best so do take some time to think about it :)

For me personally, I knew I was never interested in sciences or math, in JC I preferred subjects like General Paper and Economics - which required in-depth discussions and analysis. Ironically, I was in the Science stream and had the typical BCME subject combination. However, I really struggled throughout JC and had to work extra hard in order to do well for subjects I was naturally weak at. Nonetheless, this helped me find out what I'm stronger in and convinced me to steer clear of courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Computing and Engineering - and this is already half the faculties in NUS, making the decision to choose an ideal course for me much easier!

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