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Evelyn Aliansyah



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NUS ASEAN Merit Scholarship

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My university application journey

I chose my major by eliminating what I do not like and what I thought I would like doing. At the point of application, I knew I wanted to do something related to Chemistry & Biology (shoutout to Ms. Toh who cultivated my love for bio <3). At the same time, I want to do something related to healthcare & to be a professional where I actually interact with patients. I ended up choosing Pharmacy, not only because it is related to what I want to do but also the amount of jobs I can enter with the knowledge that the Pharmacy school equip us to do (because job security is one important thing for me)f. Oh yes, I chose NUS because it is the only university that offer Pharmacy major in Singapore #Pharmily

Life after NYJC

It has been great. There are a lot of opportunities in university. It was a struggle to manage everything at first but once I set my priorities, I think I learned to manage it.

My Future Plans

I am planning to get my license to practice as pharmacist after I graduate. After that, I think I would like to explore jobs other than the ones in hospital/community pharmacy.

Tips for Juniors

List out what you like & what your priorities are when it comes to choosing major.

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