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Filbert Edius



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Imperial College London

MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chat with me
My university application journey

- I think it is a good physical use of my good Mathematics & Physics capabilities. It also trains many transferable skills that prepare me for any career path.
- I was deliberating between a course in Mathematics & Statistics or Civil Engineering as I have always wanted to pursue a quantitative degree in University. I settled on Civil Engineering as it is more practical thing to do
- Juggling studying for A Levels and application for overseas universities is definitely the tough part, and I know it stops many from applying overseas as they would like to focus on studying first. However, it can be done through strong time management. I set aside 1-2 hours a day in my JC2 year for University applications, which I use to research about different Universities, different courses, apply, writing personal statements, etc.
- Definitely research more before settling on a university and a course. Everything ranging from students� life, course and curriculum, living costs, and also further career path that you might be interested in.

Life after NYJC

In University, I am active in some clubs and societies, mostly career related. I am also active in some cultural societies connecting the Asian students in London. I live by work hard, play hard motto and also play a lot in London.

One of the upside about living in London is definitely the opportunity to travel to Europe, even in weekends! Ticket price is ridiculously low and you will have loads of time during your breaks to travel.

One thing about London is also there is always something new, there is anything for anyone!

My Future Plans

I am interested to pursue a career as an Investment Banker (in London, Singapore, or Hong Kong) and will start applying for the prestigious penultimate year internship soon. It may be unrelated to what I study, but as I say, engineering opens all doors to every career path.

Tips for Juniors

You can always contact me for help, advice, or anything!

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