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Goh Kaixuan



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NTU CN Yang Scholars Programme

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My university application journey

In J2, I applied to study Physics in Oxford University. I chose to study Physics because I felt that studying Physics always resonated with me, and that it explained many natural phenomena happening around us.

The Oxford application process involved a test on Physics and Mathematics as well as an interview where I was told a problem, and had to solve it on the spot and explain my thought process and answer.

Despite being offered a place in Oxford after that, till this date I am still unable to accept it as I am financially unable to, I am still trying my best for scholarships.

Something i took out of this journey is that, some things are not as out of reach as we would think and we will only know if we try. If in the end, after multiple cycles of trying, I do not get to accept the Oxford offer, I will not be disapointed, for I have tried my best.

Life after NYJC

I'm currently serving my NS in SCDF as an ambulance medic. There was definitely a steep learning and adjustment curve.

In a short period of time, I had to learn how to access patients, handle them and the equipment as well as get used to the 12 hour day and night shifts.

But most importantly, being a medic required me to be on my toes while on call, and also be able to spontaneously solve problems on the ground. This was a stark contrast to the protected school environment that many of us have grown to be used to. Another important thing I learnt is, what are really considered emergency and non-emergency, which has been helpful in making me calmer in day to day life.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm also exposed to many COVID-19 patients while picking them up from the dormitories to the hospital, which definitely instills a certain level of fear for my loved ones and myself.

Whilst being an ambulance medic means I'm not the shiniest coin in the bank, I still would not have asked for anything else - being on the medical frontline is a very unique experience I will cherish.

My Future Plans

I am interested in working in the public sector because I feel that it'll let me enact the most change and help the people. Thus I will continue in applying for scholarships in the public sector.

Tips for Juniors

Do not be afraid to explore and try out different things!

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