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Jasmine Chia



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Occupational Therapy

Chat with me
My university application journey

Chose this course after doing a healthcare work attachment in J2 and after seeing how Occupational Therapists helped my Dad regain his ability to move again within 6 months after being partially paralysed by a stroke. I enjoy helping others on a daily basis so I chose to go into healthcare.

The main challenge of the application process for SIT is the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) segment. You will go through 4 stages, including role-play, essay-writing, group and solo interviews with school staff, so it’s important to read up on healthcare related articles and respond efficiently, especially when applying for SIT’s healthcare courses.

Life after NYJC

In SIT, since there are no student hostels yet (until the new campus is up in Punggol), there isn’t any hall life unlike NUS and NTU. So it’s encouraged that you join a Club (basically a CCA) to enrich your student life, and possibly also take up leadership roles there to build up your portfolio. For me, i’m currently in SIT’s Community Service Club Exco since I enjoy doing volunteer work, and it’s basically a continuation from what I was doing back in NYJC where I was in Interact Club Exco.

My Future Plans

I hope to be an Occupational Therapist working with palliative care because I have realised from SIT-organised networking sessions that some Hospices in Singapore (or at least the one I spoke with) are seriously lacking manpower, and I hope to be able to help them out in future.

Tips for Juniors

Personally, I didn’t do well in my A levels
due to ongoing personal matters happening during my J2 year. I thought of u-turning back to J1 or even dropping out before my A levels, but my teachers persuaded me not to give up since I was almost at the “finishing line”. I flunk almost every subject during my prelims because I wasn’t coping with family matters, and was falling asleep during each prelim paper because I reached home pretty late each night from visiting the hospital. I really didn’t believe I could even pass my A levels. But I persevered and somehow still managed to pass, although I was distraught during my A level results day because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into my dream course (Occupational Therapy), but I thankfully made it. I think it’s crucial that you present yourself well and answer carefully during SIT’s Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) because it’s an important determining factor of whether they accept you, along with your portfolio, when applying for SIT healthcare courses.

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