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Joanna Ng Shi Ying



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Fudan University

Chinese Literature

China Government Scholarship

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My university application journey

I have always been interested in pursuing a course related to the Chinese Language, since I aspired to be in the Chinese Media Industry field. Shanghai was a spontaneous decision made after I happen to travel there after A-Levels to meet my Chinese friend. She was the one that introduced Fudan University as a university option.
Since I took CLL back in NYJC, I asked my teachers for advice, and I happened to be the first to want to apply to Fudan, and there were no seniors to ask for opinions. So, I set out myself to link up with the university through Dunman High (with the help of my CLL teacher), and I worked through the rest of the application myself directly with the Fudan University International Students Office. My interview was also done through Skype. I realised that it was not the same process my university batchmates had to go through.
While my application to Fudan was tougher than expected, it is now being made much easier for our juniors. I'm pretty sure most schools would receive notifications on when the Chinese Universities are visiting to recruit students from Singapore, and it will usually be up to our students to act upon it. From my knowledge, these sessions are hosted by Dunman High or Hwa Chong, so it would be good for both the teachers and students to keep a look out, should there be juniors who want to apply to a China University.

**Information interesting to juniors: Do apply for the China Government Scholarship when you apply to a China University. It is immensely helpful in your time in China.

Life after NYJC

Education system is very much different from Singapore, especially in Fudan University, since we get to take classes together with the locals. It is definitely much more challenging, but it is interesting.
Currently, I'm expected to graduate amidst the Covid situation, so I'm completing all my essays and final year paper back in Singapore. I think it's tougher than expected, being the graduating batch overseas, but we try to make the best out of what we can.
While I do not have much interesting programmes in school to share at the moment, I think the Singaporean Community in Shanghai is definitely one of the strongest. As a former EXCO and current member of Fudan University Singapore Students Association, we spend a great deal of time linking up with Singaporeans who live overseas, all who have taught us and has been immensely helpful whenever our students are in need. I would definitely encourage juniors in China to spend more time out of school to learn more from these working professionals as well. Generally, Singaporeans abroad are very helpful.

My Future Plans

Currently, I am in the midst of job searching, which is being made tougher due to unprecedented times.
However, since a few months ago, I have started a Chinese Podcast series ??????????, to tell the stories of the lives of Singaporeans who are living abroad. It is a new personal project I've started, and I'm intending to continue it as long as there are stories to be told.

Tips for Juniors

1. Don't be afraid to be different - Everyone has different paths, and different choices. Make the one best for you, be it internships, university choices or even how you wish to dress!
2. Apply for internships with the mindset of learning new things, not to fill up your resume - Internships are the best way to learn, and by not worrying about filling up your resume, you open up more opportunities for yourself. You'd be surprised at what you can achieve!

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