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Joelle Wong



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FASS Social Work

MOHH Healthcare Merit Award

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My university application journey

When I was in JC, I participated in several volunteering events be it ad hoc events or long term events with Singapore Youth Corps. After graduating from JC, I chanced upon an opportunity to intern at Eden School, a school for Autism. I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about this community and the field of work. After a 6 months long internship, I really enjoyed my time there and decided to start my research on similar career options. I only really set my eyes on pursuing the career of a medical social worker, when I attended a healthcare scholarship talk with my friend. I was introduced to allied healthcare and the profession really resonated with me. Being a medical social worker made sense to me as I liked a dynamic and challenging career. I was also able to continue helping people in varying ways. I felt that it was an extension to what I already loved doing. I went on to research more about the career prospect and how to go about reaching my goal of being a medical social worker. That was when I applied for the MOHH Healthcare Merit Award and also sent my university application to NUS. The most challenging part of my journey was convincing my family of my choice. A common misconception about social workers is that they do not earn much. This misconception stems from the idea that social work seems to be highly related to volunteering. However, this is not the case. The scholarship did help to reassure my parents and my passion for the field of work also convinced them that this is what I would truly enjoy in the future. I believe in the importance of researching intensively and also trying to gain experience in the relevant field. These really help to build the confidence of making the best and most informed decision for your future.

Life after NYJC

In NUS, I am currently majoring in social work and intending to minor in Singapore Public Health. I resided in Sheares Hall for 2 years of my university life and got to experience and try out new sports for the first time. Apart from picking up soccer, tchoukball and cheerleading, I also joined various committees such as an orientation camp planning committee, a volunteering committee and the Sheares productions. Campus life has been extremely vibrant for me. I was blessed with many opportunities to try new things and expand my interests. For the past 10 years of my life, I have stuck to the Guzheng ensemble and in university, i was committed to venture beyond the performing arts. Outside my life on campus, I volunteer regularly under the Singapore Youth Corps. I am currently in the EXCO for Yolden, an initiative started by volunteers to engage senior citizens in various homes. We connect eager youths with seniors in Moral Home via physiotherapy exercises. We also plan ad hoc events whereby youths can bring seniors out on an excursion. It is very rewarding to provide the platform for like-minded youths to interact with the elderly people in the community. In my free time, I try to spend time with friends and family, catching up on what went on in the week. I also enjoy reading, painting and working out. I enjoy keeping myself busy and on the go as I feel much more productive that way.

My Future Plans

My future plan is to work as a medical social worker in Singapore General Hospital. I would also like to further my studies by pursuing a masters. I do plan on staying on this career path till I eventually retire.

Tips for Juniors

I think the scariest part about growing older is the uncertainty of the future. There are many ways in which we can go about reducing such uncertainties. One of the options is to explore and experience as much as you can, with any free time you have. It also helps to interact with people from varying backgrounds, age groups and phase of life. Getting to know the stories of many others, helps to broaden your perspectives and keep an open mind.

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