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Joseph Sebastian Ang



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NTU CN Yang Scholars Programme

Chat with me
My university application journey

When still in JC, I always thought to major in physics in uni. I did that from first eliminating business (i want to use science further), then eliminating humanities (I am intimidated by the prospect of writing a lot), and also eliminating engineering (i am interested in pure science more than applied). So, choosing my major was not very difficult for me. However, choosing the university was difficult. I was torn between applying to the USA, Canada and Singapore. I applied to all in the end (a hefty cost), and didnt get accepted to my US choices. I finally chose NTU simply since it offers a lot of financial assistance in scholarship. The financial factors a lot when I was thinking about my degree.

Life after NYJC

I am in my final year in NTU, and feel that I have come a long way. Contrary to my idealism when first entering uni, I ended up not enjoying physics research a lot. In fact, the subjects I most enjoy are actually the philosophy and writing classes (i.e. humanities). Despite that, I do not regret any choices I made so far. I am in a research scholarship programme (CN Yang), but I feel the programme did not give me my most valuable lessons in university life. In the end, what matters is what you do with your past choices, and how you can put your best foot forward, no matter where you are in the stages of life.

My Future Plans

I am still looking for a career path to embark on.

Tips for Juniors

1. Always ask around for people more experienced than you (seniors, friends and family currently going through university), 2. Decide things according to what you can see, not what has not been realized.

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