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Lim Jiaying



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Biological Sciences

MOE Teaching Scholarship

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My university application journey

I first considered between NTU Biological Sciences & NUS Life Sciences. However, looking up on the contents of classes in both majors landed my final decision in NTU Biological Sciences instead. The difference was the depth and scope of studies. I much preferred the practical and depth that NTU offered as opposed to NUS Life Sciences. I think it will be worthwhile to drop by the university’s open house or visit the course webpage to understand about what you are to expect!
The application process is quite straightforward as you will just have to press accept at the university portal that you are interested in. The difficult part is comparing your A level grades with the minimum grade to enter a course. But fret not if you miss the cut just by that little! There are instances where the school calls you up for an interview to get to know you better before deciding to offer you a course. As such, always apply for majors that you have interest in.
Also take note of applications for scholarships when you are submitting your course preference as well. Most universities will open scholarship applications concurrent with the course selection. Although there are mid term scholarships, they are harder to get. It’ll be good to get the scholarship from the start if any of you are planning to!

Life after NYJC

Life in university have been great and I got to try many different things in my time there. As I join the Student Union and hall CCAs such as sports, Rec and dance, I was able to meet many great friends and have experience in many ways. Although the transition from JC to university was tough due to the higher level of independent learning, a little transitioning time is all one will need before having fun! I would strongly suggest for you to join CCAs in university as that is what defines a great student life here. As most of the lessons are spread out during the week (self-planned!), there is great amount of time for you to experience and try out new hobbies or sports that you have always wanted! I first started dancing in my year 1 and I fell in love with it right after. There will definitely be things that you will be interested in, whether its student union committee work, recreational games and sports or dancing and singing.

My Future Plans

I have already chosen the road for teaching so I will be continuing on into NIE for my post-graduate diploma after graduation.

Tips for Juniors

Think carefully on what you enjoy doing, not forgetting the job prospects and type of jobs available when you graduate. There's no harm planning further into the future and not be clueless bubbling around:)

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