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Mabel Soh



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Communication Studies with a minor in Translation

MCI Information Service (Translation) Scholarship

Chat with me
My university application journey

I have always sought solace in writing, hence I naturally grew interested in media writing. The all-rounded media education that the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) offers appealed to me, as it gives me the choice to explore journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcast, and even media research. The decision to take up a minor in Translation came easily as well as I wish to continue my studies in that discipline after taking H2 Translation in NYJC.

Since I applied during the Early Admissions and Scholarships Exercise (EASE), writing a personal statement was something new to me and a challenge I spent a fair bit of time on. It would be a good idea to show your essay to people around you and ask them for their opinions, and keep revising your essay until the submission deadline. The ECG counselor would be happy to help you with it as well.

Something interesting would be that WKWSCI is quite well-equipped with media facilities that students can use, and you can always borrow tripods and cameras for filming projects so you don�t have to buy one. There's also free printing credits per semester!

Life after NYJC

University life has been quite interesting for me considering that I am also living on campus. Having a home away from home with friends just a few doors away is an exciting living arrangement which also instills discipline in you to take ownership of your own room. I am also involved in the Hall Council as the Publication Secretary which makes me the default cameraman for every hall event, and taking care of all publicity works as well. In my free time, I would definitely head back to hall and catch up with my friends, or explore cooking in the hall pantry with them too.

My Future Plans

A future plan that I'm excited for is heading to Taiwan for a semester exchange in my second year! Other than that, I see myself serving my bond at the Ministry of Communciations and Information as a Translation Officer after I graduate in a few years time.

Tips for Juniors

Knowing where you see yourself in university is an important motivation throughout A Levels. Having a clear goal in mind and knowing what you're working hard for will push you further than you imagined! Also, I would say living on campus is a must-have learning experience.

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