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Oh Hui Xian



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My university application journey

It took me one whole year to firm up my decision to apply for nursing. I was searching online for careers that suit my personality, strengths and life perspectives, and came across nursing and the allied heath professions. After reading more about what each was about, I felt that nursing offered a lot more diverse career opportunities, and could also help develop me as a person. I then signed up for MOHH's Healthcare Attachment Programme and gathered more information from the nurses at National University Hospital (NUH) during the one-day event. Overall, I was convinced that it would be a fulfilling and practical path take, and so I submitted my application for this course and a sponsorship with NUH!

Life after NYJC

I am going onto my year 4 studies in AY20/21 to complete my Honours programme for nursing - which means doing research! I just completed my Transition-to-Practice clinical attachment (yes, amidst COVID-19), the final attachment for those who choose to graduate without Honours. The past 3 years have been a wild ride, many ups and downs, but a fulfilling one nonetheless. I have learnt how to care for newborns just hours into their new lives, and how to care for patients in their last hours as well. I have learnt a lot and grown quite a bit from being in nursing and in my CCA (piano ensemble), and look forward to continuing this growth and enjoy my final year as an undergraduate.

My Future Plans

I will be completing my Honours project the upcoming academic year (AY20/21), and will then proceed to serve my bond at National University Hospital (NUH). There, I plan to rotate around wards of different disciplines before deciding on further career goals. I also aspire to join the NUS Piano Ensemble Alumni group upon graduation, and continue my music-making journey too!

Tips for Juniors

Being resourceful is one key way to make sure you are not short-changing yourself - always try to seek more information on matters or choices at hand before deciding what you think is best for yourself! Job shadowing opportunities are great as well. Apart from the Internet, seek information or help from the people around you too - a friend's relative on the job, a senior who's on a path you're considering, etc. Apart from that, I encourage you to start reflecting early on what your priorities or "must-have's" are in life, so that you know what you need (or want), and have a better idea on what you could or could not work for you. These could be broad or specific, but also bear in mind they may change in the future!

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