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Phuong Hoang Linh



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Politcs, Law and Economics

ASEAN Scholarship

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My university application journey

I applied to about 17 schools in the US, Jacobs University in Germany and Yale - NUS, SMU and NTU in Singapore. I got offers from 1 US offer, and got into the rest of the schools. Between Germany and Singapore, I chose to continue my studies in Singapore because I'm interested and planning to do a Social Science course but in the context of Asian policy-making, and because of that, I believe Singapore would be a better environment to pursue this.
I got similar offer of ASEAN scholarship from SMU and NTU, with an additional offer of USP (programme part, not monetary part) from NTU. I decided to go with SMU in the end because SMU is known for its seminar-style teaching, which helps my learning a lot more than normal lecture style like in NTU. At the same time, I thought the environment of business school would allow me to learn a lot more about the social sciences (particularly, politics and econs) in terms of businesses and real life application, which would help me in my future path.

Life after NYJC

I am enjoying my like in uni! Besides studying, I work part-time at school, joined 2 CCAs and also plan for some events or passion projects. Among other things, I and my friend started an initiative called PSR Human Library at our school residence, modelled after the human libraries around the world. The event hopes to bring strangers or even friends closer through candid and personal conversation, and we're adapting it to online platforms to keep it running!

My Future Plans

I plan to work in either social entrepreneurship sector or public sector eventually.

Tips for Juniors

My form teacher used to tell us: If you don't know what you want to do or where you want to go, just do your best so you have as many choices as possible, then choose later. (Thank you Mr Ho!)

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