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Quek Yan Zhi



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Peking University

Chinese linguistics and Literature (Chinese studies)

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My university application journey

In my opinion, as a chinese myself, I think pursuing this course is akin to seeking my own �roots�. I�ve always had an interest in China�s ancient literature and philosophical ideas, hence undertaking such a course will be able to expand my outreach to my area of interests.
One interesting aspect is with regards to my interview session, which includes 5-6 candidates and all of us would be given some time to express our notions on one particular question. During the process, we were also allowed to debate/rebut other candidates opinions. I think this was a rather exciting and different experience as compared other 1-1 interviews as the interviewers were only interested in whether you were to bring across an insight rather than understanding you as a person.
While the interview might seem to be exciting, pressure and contextual stress was inevitable as well. In the context when the speaker before was expressive and eloquent, the level of insecurity and �peer pressure� would be strongly felt. Hence, I think it would be imperative for us to always maintain the level of confidence for our upcoming speech and just treat the whole process as a friendly discussion session.

Life after NYJC

I�m currently still in NS right now. I�m in the army�s intelligence department and everyday is just office work ??

My Future Plans

I plan to study my masters directly after I graduate and after I got my Masters deg, I would most probably go to MOE�s chinese department to have a better understanding on Singapore�s Chinese development. (There�s a great chance for me to be a JC teacher as well)
I will also intend to go to the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language to be a lecturer/advisor. Ultimately, I have plans to get Phd in the future and I hope that I can teach the subjects I like at the university level.

Tips for Juniors

Preparation stage:
It�s good to have goals for yourself, but do remember that we should take one step at a time.
Set small but rewarding goals for yourself so that you will be more motivated and accomplished throughout the week :)

One week before the A�s:
This is the period where most of us tends to get restless/super motivated. But as mentioned before, always keep an open-mind and stay calm. Do not let any emotions take over during this period and just focus on your final revision.
You may also want to spend more time exercising or chatting to your loved ones. All these activities will improve your mental well-being. But just to take note, don�t try to �chiong� or �slack off� during the final lap to the race. Just remember the goal is to have the best condition when you sit for the exam, and I believe that such condition can only be achieved through equilibrium. (Balanced work and rest)

During the exam:
Just stay calm. Once you�re calm, confidence will come to you naturally.
The mindset I will like to advocate here is that do not feel overjoyed or defeated when you encounter �easy� or �challenging� questions respectively. I think it will be best if we just treat them as prac qns in tutorials and just answer what the questions want us to answer.
If you encountered a difficult question( same goes for myself), I will suggest that you go to other questions first and keep the momentum going. Never lose your calm and confidence.
And also, just try not to refer to the online answers after your exam lol, do not let anything affect your emotions as you still have other papers to go.

All in all, prepare your work well, follow our teacher�s instructions, have a open mindset before and during the actual exam, and just stay calm and be optimistic.

Ps: whatever I said this are just mere suggestions, thus the prescribed effects may vary from person to person. Ultimately, if you�ve really put in effort to prepare for the exam, you�ve will get something in return :)

all the best !!

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