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Simon Julian Lauw



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Computer Science with minor in entrepreneurship

ASEAN Merit Scholarship

Chat with me
My university application journey

Well, being from H2 Computing class, I have known my goal for a long time. There are a few reasons why I am being so laser focused on this course. Firstly, the notion of coding, computing and mathematics really amaze me. Secondly, you can build cool apps, websites and products. Lastly, being in IT industry always excites me. It is tantamount to being int the frontier of cutting edge technology and research ( if you are able to do research ) which is pretty fun and amazing. You can even collaborate with other fields such as physics, designs and arts. Of course, to apply and getting accepted into this course may be challenging nowadays. But if you work hard, join a lot of events and really put your thoughts into it. Im pretty sure you can get it. While grades are important for being accepted, for me the more important things are experiences such as internship, projects and passions for computer science. Not only does one require talent, it is also a battle of hardwork and willingness.

Life after NYJC

Well I am yet to matriculate in August 2020. I am currently a research assistant at Bioinformatics Institute A*STAR Singapore, doing research about computational physics and computer vision. I also do part time teaching for whoever that might be interested ! I am really happy and willing to share my experience. Even the country is in a semi-lockdown mode due to COVID-19, working from home is surely an interesting and fruitful experience for me.

My Future Plans

Study at NUS, study QF if I have extra time.

Tips for Juniors

Do projects ! if you really like doing something, put a lot of efforts into it and be serious about it. Whether its photography, academics, sports or whatever field it is, what counts is your experience at the end.

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