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Entrepreneurship Specialization 1: Developing the Opportunity; Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up

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79 (per month)


Brief description

A general review and introduction to entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurship is stemmed on assumptions and risk taking, the course examines the four different types of assumptions that we make before launching a start-up. The format of DDP (discovery-driven planning) is introduced for assumptions made to be of a better estimate.

Chang Qi Qian



average rating is 3 out of 5

Personally, the course is not very beneficial to me as I am not receptive to a technical-based teaching style. I feel that business stems on connection and experience. The field which I may be interested in (primarily fashion and bridal) does not require too much technical knowledge but more of industrial knowledge. Entrepreneurship is a very broad catagory and one must find a field which they will like to specialise in before they start deveoping their business ideas. In my opinion, having knowledge about the specialised field could be more useful than attending the entrepreneurship course itself. However, I do still encourage those who are just starting to explore to take a try out the course. Understanding the importance of planning and the risk involved is of great importance to a young entrepreneur as we have limited financial capital.

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