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Drug Discovery

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Drug discovery is the process whereby new medications are discovered. In today’s world there can be two ways of discovering drugs, one of which is the traditional way or by serendipitous discovery. The course will then explain further into details of the decision making process when it comes to introducing a new drug into the market and the considerations that need to be made before even the first trial can be done. The course will then teach you how the industry of drug has been shifting throughout the years and is still changing due to the changing demand from the society. You will also learn that with the advancement in technology it has make drug discovering more efficient as data citing is a lot easier now but there are also cons when the renewing of the information is too rapid.

Terence Chong Yi Yang



average rating is 4 out of 5

This course is useful as it allows me to understand more about the drug making industry and it is actually not as simple as we think. It is not only dependant on the pharmacist but also on the consumers and producers. Citing and sequencing of data are also crucial in today’s drug discovery but we must be more careful as a handful of data may be wrong information. Mega mergers of two large corporations will have a big impact on drug price due to change in market share. It allows me to understand that price of a drug plays a major role when it comes to developing a new drugs. I would recommend this course to peers who are interested in this related industry as they provide information which are useful and it is not really overwhelming for me even as a beginner. However, it may be quite dry sometimes as it is very content based so if you’re not someone who likes to learn new info by listening to boring lectures but prefer hands on experience, it may not be of your liking.

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