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Data Processing using Python

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Cost (in USD)

Duration (in hours)


Approximately 29 hours

Brief description

This course is more of a computer science course. This course teaches the basics of coding using Python through the use of videos and reading material, some of which are optional but useful. Quick note, this course is taught in Chinese but has English subtitles. Learning materials are accessible once enrolled and there's a sharable certificate upon completion. The teaching pace is somewhat fast however, it may be difficult to grasp all the information at once. The course is not really engaging, but it does have all the information that a beginner needs to learn about Python. Overall, if you are a quick learner and have some prior knowledge on how Python works, this course is a good fit for you. If you are new to Python, the course will still be beneficial, but more time will be needed to understand more on how Python works. If you are willing to put a lot of effort into this course, you can benefit much from it.

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