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Career 911: Your Future Job in Medicine & Healthcare

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The course educates students on the ins-and-outs of healthcare services and jobs within the healthcare sector. There is a broader network of people working closely together to maintain one’s health. The course gives advice to students on how to phrase their resume, make elevator pitches to those hiring, nailing an interview by knowing what to and what not to include when presenting oneself to an audience, and what kind of image to bring across to people you are talking to.

Belle Lee Yu



average rating is 4 out of 5

The course allows me to broaden my horizon and gain a deeper insight into the diverse range of jobs available within the healthcare sector. This course has also allowed me to find out more about sector of medicine that I am interested in. Numerous interviews have been conducted with health professionals in the industry. Their advice, personal experiences and their personal driving factors for getting into healthcare have allowed me to better carve out a reason for wanting to pursue a job in healthcare.

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