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The course teaches me about the different types of entrepreneurship and a general introduction to entrepreneurship. The course includes concepts such as opportunity analysis, need-finding and planning as well as pitching and prototyping. It also gives examples of successful start-ups and the methods they used to achieve their success. The course discusses the various techniques that can be used by entrepreneurs and businesses to increase the certainty and decrease risks of their venture, product or service.

Chew Shan



average rating is 4 out of 5

It is useful in learning business concepts that can be applied across different industries as they all consist of businesses. It also promotes analytical thinking by encouraging you to find out more and cater to your specific audience. It is relevant to the modern world as more and more start-ups appear and more job positions related to entrepreneurship open up. As it teaches strategies and skills that can be applied to different jobs and not just specific to entrepreneurs, any one will be able to apply these to their own needs and thus it is a relevant course. I would recommend my peers to take this course as I think the knowledge that is imparted will definitely be useful to them and it is an interesting course. It is also easily understood as it uses many real world examples and concepts that we are exposed to in our everyday life.

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