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Chemicals and Health

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The course gives an introduction to chemicals in our lives and how it plays an important role in managing our lives. The course is mainly on toxicology which is the study of chemical effects on living organism on earth. The introduction to biomonitoring in week 3 allows me to understand how the dosage of medications/chemicals are achieved through research in laboratories. This comes along with the ethical issue brought up by state vs community laboratories. In the subsequent weeks, the course teaches how researchers discover health effects of certain chemicals and the policy and law making behind them.

Lim Zhi Ying, Vernice



average rating is 4 out of 5

The course is useful as it shows a more specialized scope of research which dives deeper into the field that overlaps with chemistry, biology and pharmacy. It is relevant in the sense that it brings up ongoing issues in the world like in USA where the FDA approval is no longer as stringent and that can potentially expose many consumers to harmful toxicants that may have the potential to cause terminal diseases in the long term. Yes, I will recommend my peers who are interested in the field of research as the course is very informative and interesting which is not commonly known but it is involved in everyone's daily lives. It can also serve as a route for them to explore other fields of research pertaining to pharmaceutical science, bioengineering etc.

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