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Introduction to Marketing

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79 (per month)


Brief description

The course is a basic study of marketing. It goes through the different types of markets in an economy, how consumers think and how producers take advantage of this to increase their revenue.

Leandros Michel



average rating is 4 out of 5

The course is rather useful as it gave me a good understanding of the industry. It was rather precise in most lectures but the longer ones are a bit dragged out and bloated with irrelevant information. As they have 3 different speakers, it can be a bit confusing at times to follow along with the flow of the course. The course is not somewhat relevant to me but I did find it useful as it helped shape my idea of what industry I will like to enter in the future. If my peers have an interest in advertising and marketing, I will recommend them this course. Even if one does not necessarily have an interest, I would still recommend them as it gives one a good understanding of the expectations one will have in this industry.

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