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Essentials of Global Health

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The course covers basic concepts of health and broad areas in global health (e.g. HIV, infectious diseases). It also addresses the value of healthcare systems globally today and compares the needs of healthcare in countries across various levels of income.

Lee Jun Xian



average rating is 4 out of 5

I have learnt many concepts related to global health, as well as risk factors, determinants and using DALY to calculate the number of years lost to premature death and time spent due to disability affected by disease. There also many world statistics provided for us to analyse the trends and differences of life expectancy over the years, between different age groups and genders. This course is helpful if you would like to gain more insights into global health.

Fong Yi Shen



average rating is 4 out of 5

I learnt about the basic concepts of global health, what people get sick, disabled and die from, what risk factors and determinants these conditions can be attributed to and how health systems in different parts of the world are organized. I also learnt some of the issues countries face in efficiently providing appropriate services of acceptable quality.

It is useful as I am able to now know why health issues occur, why other countries have different statistics of health issues and solutions to improve their health.

It is relevant to me as I intend to pursue a career related to healthcare in the future.

I would recommend it to my peers as it is not complicated and the topics covered are interesting.

Evangeline Goh



average rating is 4 out of 5

The course is very informative and statistical-based on the current situation of global health. It provides me an insight on the pressing needs of healthcare in different countries and communities.

It is not directly related to what I want to do but it is still useful in knowing what I can expect to work with in the future (e.g. type of illnesses, treatments / measures taken to prevent it).

I will recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in healthcare (no specific sector) to get a brief introduction on the global healthcare landscape. We can get a better idea of the areas that need more attention. This may help those interested in healthcare to find a specialisation or to find out which areas they are interested in.

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